My head still spinning from jetlag, from too many emotions and the trip back home
so don't mind jimble jamble random thoughts. I just need to rant.

One of the best things about London has to be Hillsong.
It was one of the few things that I missed... and didn't think that I would
It actually feels like my home church, and that's a big thing to me...
Coming from a non-christian background hence no church that i've grew up in
Not having a familiar crowd that I grew up with and kept in touch with
but the only church to tell me that... You are the church.
Funny that. Never thought I would become part of a mega church.

And the service was such a comfort.
From the confusion, from the heartache, from the emotions.

Coming back to Singapore isn't the problem, it's always the leaving...
That's hard to do. And having all those questions hang in the air.
But it made me realise that I was looking for answers in all the wrong places.
When all I had to do was look to Him... yet i was searching frantically anywhere but there
With my heart in a whirlwind and my mind cloudy with confusion.

But in the worship, I found strength in Him...
''The same power that conquered the grave

Lives in me...lives in me...''
And the in sermon, His Hope,

Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly
1 Cor 13 (the message)