Now that I've only got 6 months left
til my internship ends and my visa expires,
the days seem to be flying by...
I can't believe half of the working week is already over!

Memories of the weekend past still linger
but not that I'm complaining as...
Weekends are the perfect excuse to pig out...
And eat pancakes as big as your head!!! Aren't they brilliant?
Check out the massive scoop of cream they served on my cinnamon apple pancake!
And Hai looking mighty pleased with his apple and ham pancake with maple syrup!
Be warned thou, too much pancake, cream and chocolate milkshake = major sugar rush
Haha! But whoever is up for pancakes, let me know! There so much more I want to try! >P

P.S Thanks Alfred and Ru for the bling cat necklace, I love it!