Last night, while I was flipping through Waitrose's Food Illustrated
I came across Emma Dibben's illustration of the humble haggis

which made me hungry even though haggis looks nothing like that when served
But to make the ovalish, brownish thing look good enough to eat off the page,
even Robert Burns would have been proud! haha!

Which made me think... what an illustration!
Maybe I should think about doing illustration?

Adding to my evergrowing list of ''Instead of architecture, ____?

Maybe I should pursue interior design?

(My qualms with architecture is that it's not as multidisciplinary as I hoped)
Or maybe think about art curasion...
or should I consider textiles?!
Even, screw this, let's go and teach English to kids in Ladakh!
(after an amazing presentation of their Druk White Lotus School)

But at the end of the day, I just want to a)work in the creative industry
and b)contribute towards the society as there's so much need

Where does that lead? Where do I find answers?