The weapons of mass destruction turned out to be a pair of size 10?!

Go view the footage on either...
BBC's Shoes thrown at Bush on Iraq trip
& The Guardian's Shoes and insults hurled at Bush on Iraq visit

The V sign

In his book Gestures the anthropologist Desmond Morris concluded that we will never know the origin of the two-fingered salute. One theory, though widely discredited, is that the French threatened to cut off the fingers of English archers at the Battle of Agincourt; the English would hold up two fingers as a sign that the French had failed. Not to be mistaken with the victory or peace signs: Churchill often got his fingers facing the wrong way - and on a tour of Australia in 1992, George Bush Sr flicked the Vs to a group of farmers.

-extract from Guardian's
How to insult George Bush, wherever you are in the world

news has never been this entertaining.