'Glasgow sure is grey' was one of my first thoughts
after months in the sun, staring at blank blue tropic skies
I forget the scottish skies: flat, grey and seemlying unending.

'Time to uproot & grow to greater heights'
another thought that's stuck in my head
leaving singapore always brings about mixed feelings
I miss my parents already but at the same time,
glad to be away from the nagging and having to help hang up the laundry
(what irriates me is they never ask my brothers, sexist parents)
I will miss my friends but there are ones who have never stopped being there

To stop reminiscing, stop looking backwards is my resolve
as it only hinders and i've moved on.

Soon, 24 and more
carrying hope, back beside him
true that, the best is yet to be
there is so much to look forward to