One of my earliest memories of coming back to Singapore as a wee kid,
was watching a tropical rainstorm with great fascination
(haha, cuz some muppet told me that it didn't rain in Singapore)
and the eccentric charm of Ah Kong's room.

It held his bed, his glass top table of old photos, various work cupboards
and two shelves of memorabilia that we were instructed NOT to touch.
As it was too high out of reach anyway, the objects never held much of an interest.

Until, the one day I walked into the room while Ah Kong was dusting the shelves
and he took down and showed me the 'dancing japanese doll',
a kimono clad doll which I previously thought was porcelain and immobile
(because he kept it in a glass case)
It was the most amazing thing! Watching her slowly spin as music chimed out,
even for the few seconds before he placed the doll back onto the shelf once again.

After that incident, I always wanted that doll - it reminds me of him and his success.

Isn't she gorgeous? And she twirls to a lovely Japanese tune! ♥