After much deliberation,
my career switch choices were down to either being a
occupational therapist or a diagnostic radiographer.

Picking between the two was proving hard
so it was suggested that I should shadow both professions at work
to get a better understanding and awareness for the job.

So yesterday, I headed off to the hospital
and wasn't really quite sure what to expect
(architecture to healthcare IS quite the change)
but the whole experience was really quite enjoyable!

The day was split into the different departments, starting with CT scanning,
getting a brief intrduoction of ultrasound,
then observing Main Xray with various rooms and machines
and lastly, A&E!
(which was not dramatic or bloody in the slightest, there were
just a lot of chest scans, foot scans, knee scans and facial scans)

Here's a scan of Homer's Brain, just for a laugh, heehee!

But the best bit had to be all the radiographers I met,
who were so helpful and friendly.
In a conversation early this week, Caroline mentioned what
she missed about working in a hospital, were all the nice people
to which I just nodded in agreement. But now, I know what she means.