According to the department downstairs, I’m part of Generation Z.
The generation that apparently has 2 careers, totally different from one another...
like case example, Stephanie, who studied statistics at university and then went on to physiotherapy.
And now me, the ‘architect’ who is switching to diagnostic radiography.

Their disbelief was only washed away after my distractionary tactic of...
A: What comes after Generation Z?
K: I have no idea!
Me: Generation... GAP!

Other random observations at work:
- Researchers are generally not a tall bunch... but I'm not complaining.
Yay for not having to wear heels to work bcuz your boss is the same height!

- There are SO many women working in the healthcare sector.

- Lab mice come in 3 colours, white, black and brown but boy, do those cute furry things smell!

- In the London papers, there's always a little section for 'Topics' to talk about by the watercooler and I never quite understood it (old office just had a pantry) but now I do, haha, as the researchers do stand by it and talk!