After a painful day of editing various word documents into different formats, the chain of this morning’s events was comic relief.

It started off with the boss discovering these tiny flies hovering around his tea, he takes a swipe at them and then notices, there’s more!
Most of them are lying dead along the window still, but there are one or two live bugs.
He askes his sectary, in the opposite room, to check her window still.
It's the same sight.

They check the window still in the external corner,
behind the partitions the recently empty IT room beside them, and discover that it’s lined with dust and dead flies too.
(The cleaner can’t reach those areas so they aren’t wiped weekly.)

Discovering they have a bug infestion,
They call the department below to come up and take a look.
Soon enough, we have 4 people, peaking at all the window stills observing and documenting the bug infestion
Along with the building engineers and pest control,
Who are then peeking their heads above the ceiling tiles,
in their bid to locate the bug source.

But the morning’s commotion made me realise that unknowingly,
life in Singapore has fallen into some usual patterns…
the usual journey to work,
the daily tasks of collecting the mail, sorting misc documents
lunchtime with the IT crowd and their terminology
after lunch drowsiness spell until 3ish
jaunt downstairs to check the afternoon mail and banter with the admin
carry out the rest of the day’s task til the clock clicks 18 00
home again and prepare for the early wakeup chat with the boyfriend

Despite the low-pay (but low skillset required too la),
There is a comfort in the job, in the routine.
In the life moving onwards, after the finanical upheaving of recent months
and the major career switch decision.

But, if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade innit!
Haha but the sugar in my lemonade has to be this fact:

the boyfriend arrives in KL/SG in 7 weeks! Sweet joy!


Oh, my delightful find of the day: not bugs, haha but
Neil Gaiman has a blog!