Lately, I've been feeling rather crummy and confused about my salary.
A few months ago, I really really just wanted to be employed,
after months of floating about and trying to figure out where I was going in life
so when the question of how much do u wanted came up in the interview,
I was probably too modest.

And it's pretty rubbish to earn in GBP, then suddenly earn peanuts in SGD.
Especially since the job description and work load has since changed but the salary hasn't likewise! (I blame HR, growl.)

Hai has been so wonderfully supportive (thanks dear!)
and I've also been praythinking, "What are You trying to transform/tell me/do in me through this tough time" rather than the usual "please just take this away, please!" plead.

Which made me question, "What is money?"
that it should be worth so much heartache over,
isn't it but a tool to share happiness with your loved ones,
but a tool to amass experiences, not objects... no?