"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
you read from brochures handed out by the sweet-smiling careers advise lady, you hear read out from the successful senior invited to speak on your graduation day.

Both paraphrasing words of wisdom passed down from an old man.
How do you test it as a theory? Can you test it as a theory?
Life, so happens, makes you the hamster.

When you work for love's sake...
A year after architecture,
Waking up is still hard in the mornings,
Coming back home is always a joy.
But you look forward to a future, you timidly dream of being better,
Progressing and fearing you might have hit the glass ceiling of growth.
Realising, I rather walk away and not be an architect, than be a lousy one.

When you work for money's sake...
5 months for admin crawl by,
Fuming in your head, you visualise big, bold, black letters
and realise why one would name a band, "Rage against the Machine",
highly apt if it was the same stupid soul-sucking system.

Thank goodness, there's only 2 months left on the clock.
Coming back home after work to find your soul...
in tatters or intact, really matters. 
So well said, Confucius, well said.