happy weekend

I might as well celebrate the weekend's arrival with...
more Sesame Street Google Doodles!! Haha!
(This one is for Tania)

Though this week has altogether been a fantastic week...
with the arrival of good news on Thurday,
with my HoDs away on course... the department had a biryani lunch together on Thurs
and on Friday, we ventured out to a hawker centre, slightly further away than the usual lunch spots and I got to try "Peanut Ice Kachang"

[via Flickr]

The old school dessert re-made.
Shaved, sweeten and coloured ice covered
in red bean paste, sweet corn syrup and crunchy crushed peanuts!

Surprisingly, the delightful blend of textures and slight sweetness
give it an individual taste and character,
standing it apart from its predecessor.

I was pretty impressed. The next time Hai is down in Singapore,
he is definitely going to get a taste of this re-made classic!

And, after work on Friday, I caught up with an old friend after
having lost contact with him 5 years ago
and it was really nice catching up over food and drinks.

So here's to old friends and classics! ♥
(even the grouch agrees!)