At long last, I'm back in Glasgow!

The flight back was quite the adventure.
Not only was the plane extremely packed with holiday makers
returning from Aus, the left air conditioning unit had technical problems,
twice hindering our take-off until it was resolved.
The delay no doubtly caused a lot of distress as
almost everyone had a connecting flight to catch.

Unfortunately for some, there is only one Glasgow-bound flight per day from Dubai.
Having missed that, we had little choice but to take the complimentary one-day stay offered by Emirates.

A few random thoughts on Dubai:

It's frightening how much of this city of sand is built on the back on immigrants. (whose efforts are so under-appreciated)
What's worst is how homogeneous the city is... the characterless buildings, soulless highways and the mega malls filled only with genatic international brands. (whatever happened to human scale?!)
And the Burj Dubai, currently the world's tallest building, only served to remind me of the Tower of Babel.

How does one live in a city like that?
Will Singapore ever morph into a city as bad?

Thank goodness, the return flight to Glasgow was non-eventful
so I'm back safe and warm in our snug little flat.

Oh, I was given a window seat and was treated to the most amazing views while flying over the snowy mountain ranges. (My camera was stowed in the overhead compartment and I didn't want to bother my fellow passenger)
So just imagine Peter Saville's cover for Joy Divison Unknown Pleasures,
come alive in all its awesomeness.