Irish Christmas #01

For Christmas 09, we headed down and across the sea to Belfast!

The road conditions were horrible, due to the freezing weather.
The white-out landscapes as we drove past...

And unfortunately for us, the icy roads and -5 crosswinds spelt trouble.
The car's windscreen washer jets froze up and Hai tried to pull over on the hard shoulder to manually wipe his wind screen but due to the icy roads, he couldn't stop in time. Also, there was a lorry parked on the hard shoulder in front of us so he pulled more to the left to avoid collision. Instead, we ended up at the side of the road and stuck in snow.
I got covered in mud, in my feeble attempts at trying to push the car out. Boo! I even tried praying for super-human strength to push the car out but

thankfully, He had a better plan and sent us a passing AA van of the nicest rescue men who saw our hazard lights and stopped to pull us out of snowy ditch. And after a quick return home to wash off mud and defroze the toes, we managed to cross safely to Ireland without any more dramas.