Yorkshire Dales #01: Wensleydale creamery

We brought Nadia out for a meal last month at one of my favourite Glaswegian eateries:
the House for an Art Lover restaurant, located in Bellahouston Park.

For dessert, Hai had his usual choice of the cheeseboard selection.

I’m not the biggest fan of cheese, but Hai insisted that I take a nibble of one of the cheeses and it was amazing!!!
Soft, creamy and flavoured with a hint of sweetness, we were totally blown away by this mysterious, delicious cheese!

Before leaving, we questioned the waiter on the name and whereabouts of this cheese and it turned out to be
Abbot’s Gold: a chedder mixed with sweet caramelised onion from the Wensleydale creamery
(yes, of which that makes the Wensleydale of Wallace and Gromit fame!)

So on the way home from my sister's, we took a little detour into the Yorkshire Dales
in seach for cheese and this is what we found:

Cheese tasting heaven!

They had all sorts: Wensleydale cheese, Blue cheese, Pineapple cheese, Ginger cheese!

We ended up taking home 2 blocks of Abbot's Gold and a smoked blue cheese.
Now, just some for crackers and a pot of tea! Oh, Gromit?