Post thoughts

As quickly as the holiday started, it's now come to an end.
Don't worry, there'll be more photos coming up soon (once my bro returns, =P ) 

Though the trip to Tokyo has made certain things clear...

No. 1: If I could repeat my life again... I would have gone to poly, learnt japanese and trained up to be a cad-monkey. Then, I would go to japan to complete my architectural degree. 
I still can't get over how the Japanese design their buildings. The concepts are simple, functional, revelant to its site yet complex and beautiful in its detailing. Such an awesome combination and labour of love. 

No. 2: The dynamic nature and efficiency of big cities inspire me to dream big. 
Glasgow, in comparison, is a sleepy hole and what irks me is most of the inhabitants remind me of the frog who lived in a well, refusing to see or accept the world beyond its walls. I cannot see myself living there for life without becoming fat, depressed or even both. 

No. 3: I need to improve my Japanese, immensely!

And a special thanks to Elf, for helping make my trip such an easy one. =)