L-list #06

I've always wanted a Kay Bojesen monkey, and now I realise there's more, *swoon*!

An awesome free template, Paper City Paris! Some people are too cool and generous! 
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Great advice, which resonated greatly with me. I'm not sure when exactly but maybe in art school, that I became obsessed with this absurd idea of being original. However, all it did was hinder and frustrate me artistically as I tried not to steal but none of my ideas were sufficiently original or brilliant. But recently, as I was reflecting, it hit me that all my considered 'greatest artworks' were all ideas stolen, adapted, fused and/or merged. So perhaps my frozen artistic development is due to the ceasing of stealing and copying of other artist's works... and in order to rectify this wrong, I should come out with a copycat series where I copy works and steal ideas of inspiration art works to start growing again.
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