Tokyo #21: Sometaro, 染太郎

With memories of okonomiyaki and its old-world architecture, I simply had to bring H to Sometaro, 染太郎
  to taste and see it for himself! 

The interior, and our starters of fishcake and H, lover of all exotic food, insisted on ordering fish guts.
My thoughts after tasting it were, "I see why people gut fish", haha! If you're brave enough, you can order it as a starter. 
Though I would strongly recommend the okonomiyaki instead! 

Sometaro, 染太郎   
2-2-2 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 
Tawaramachi station (Ginza line), exit 3.
Open daily from 12:00-22:30.
Website: http://www.sometaro.com/

Visited: 17 Apr 2013