London #21: Hokusai beyond the Great Wave @ the British Museum

It was such a privilege to see Hokusai's The Great Wave or Under the Wave off Kanagawa (Kanagawa oki nami ura) 
in person at the British Museum

Photograph: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Also, it was  great to learn about his less iconic works. 
One of my new favourites is Red Shōki, the Demon Queller which was such a dynamic painting to view in person.  

Photograph: Metropolitan Museum of Art

I love the fact that it was the painting that made Hokusai confident that he could earn his living as an artist. And it even makes an appearance in another of his works, see if you can spot it!

Boys’ Festival,’ ink and color on old Dutch paper, 1824-1826. National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden.

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